Here we go! The power to believe

My 300GB Maxtor harddisk is at the critical level now. About 5GB free space left. It’s time for me to do spring cleaning, burning some files to DVD.

Most of the stuffs in that harddisk come from P2P sources – torrent, eMule, Ares, Limewire – to name a few. Sometimes, I just simply download things, and just left the file untouched and unexplored in the harddisk.

So, I found this one very interesting file, which I don’t really remember when I download it. It’s Sailor Moon – Super Dance Lesson.

There is 1 song that that is very catchy, and I kinda like it at my first time of hearing it. Here’s is the song, “Here We Go!”

You want to sing along? Sure! Here’s the lyric for the song.

Yume miteta
I had a dream
Kiseki ga kuru no wo matteta
Where I was waiting for a miracle
Isshun no kisu kimagure na no?
Was that sudden kiss just a fluke?
Ne “gomen” nante zuruiyo
Hey, it’s not fair to stop and say “Sorry”

Mada suki na koto
I still can’t tell you
Watashi kara wa kiridasanai
What I want to tell you
Mata narande sora wo miyou
So I’ll stand beside you gazing at the sky again
Chansu nara ima da yo!
If I’m waiting for a chance, now’s it!

Tsunaida yubi tashikameteru
Our interwined fingers will tell me
Mou hitori de sayonara kimenai de
I should stop deciding it’s over all by myself

Here we go!
Atarashii futari nara mae yori umaku iku ne
With a new “us”, I’m sure we’ll do better
Kyou wo shinjiru chikara de
With the power to believe in today
Unmei kaetekou
We’ll change our destiny

Here we go!
“Daisuki” tte ienakute kokoro ni shimaikonda
Unable to say “I love you!” I retreated into my heart
Tooku hanareta mita
And stayed far away from you
Yuuhi no kazu dake
But I want all sunsets,
Anata ni agetai
To give them all to you
I love you

I know that your feet start to tap to the beat. If you want to dance along, don’t worry. The lesson is provided here.

Swing, jump, land, jump, jump
Cross, stomp, cross, stomp, cross, stomp
Pa, kem, pa, kem, pa, kem, pa, kem, pa
Soto, naka, soto, naka, soto, naka, soto, naka
Big circle, I love you

You’re good at it already? Now, lets try with music.

Practice hard until you do okay! And guess what, dance really is the mark of a true guardian. So, if you are good enough already, let’s transform into guardians!

Moon Prism Power!
Jupiter Power!
Luna Prism Power!
Make Up!


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  1. AceOne118 says:

    Tok Imran, the last time you changed your domain, I didn’t received your email for the TagMe. I was a user too. Can I request for one?

    My email is

    Are you giving the total visitors with flags as well?


  2. Imran says:

    hhmm. it kinda strange lah. quite a number of people that didn’t receive the email.

    anyway, you can get the updated code by:
    first go to
    then login using your usual login
    go to code generator
    there you will find the new code to use

    if anything, just msg me again

  3. Imran says:

    opsss. that online visitor stat with flag is not open for public arr. hehehe

  4. AceOne118 says:

    Thanks Tok Imran!

    I got the TagMe codes alreay.

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