Hujan yang turun bersama airmata, Bersama pedih bersama rindu, Kau datang dan kau pergi jua, Rindu lagi
Hujan, Allahyarham Sudirman Hj Arshad

The first verse of the lyric above really suits me at the moment. Why? Just click the play button below to know why.

I just don’t know what to say. The roof of my house leaks big time. I first realize that the roof of my house leaks 3 weeks after I got into this house, when at that time, it has been raining quite heavy in the evening. And it has been 4 times already that I reported to the management office. You see, at this apartment, my house is at level 25, the highest floor.

The first worker that I asked when he’s visiting my house for the second time to see where the leaking is said that the leak has been fixed. And when I was installing aircond before, and another worker came to see the installation did not damage the building, I ask the same question again whether the leaking on the roof has been fixed? He said that not yet as no one has gone up to the roof yet.

See. Two contradiction information that I get from 2 different person, and by looking at it today, it is obvious that nothing has been done. So. I got proof now. If I go to the management office, complaining the same thing, and I they tells me that my roof has been fixed, I will this video in front of their vary eyes.


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  1. moon says:

    Imran, patutnya ada la muka hang tu jadi pelakon muvee ni, hak hak hak..duduk kat dapur tu, tunjuk basah kena air..(hahahahahaah)

  2. Imran says:

    moon. tuan yg ambik gambar tu mengalami ketensionan tahap supernova. tu yg dia tak masuk dlm video tu sekali.

  3. moon says:

    oh oh kasihan…

  4. arianna adrizal says:


  5. amirahsyuhada says:

    patut!! memang pastut u tunjuk video ni kat diorang… pastu bg penampar 2 /3 kali..itu hukuman sebab menipu..wahaha..

  6. Masy says:

    mak aihh..umah kg pon x bocor cenggini..pelagi imran, pikeettttttt….tunjuk perasaaaaaaann!!


  7. Imran says:

    arianna: huhuhu
    amirah: huhuhu. bg penampar.. best idea tuh…
    masy: pinjam kotakhujan ko kejap. mana tahu leh guna wat tadah hujan nanti πŸ˜€ bukan aku sorang je yg duk marah. rasanya seluruh penduduk situ kut. apa taknya, parking pun banjir gak. camnerlah byk sgt bocor bangunan neh.

  8. kuncup says:

    lagu tu ngan video clip cam kena mengena lar…
    huargghhh~!!! nak nangis gak ni
    *tompang sedih*

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