3.5″ IDE/SATA HDD Antistatic Case


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  1. jj350z says:

    Wow~ nice.
    But what is the reason for you to purchase so many 3.5'' IDE/SATA HDD ??
    Isn't it everytime you need to access the files, you need to plug it into your laptop before able to access, compare with external harddisk that is plug and play?

  2. ctshah says:

    assalam im.saya brminat dgn balcony railing yg awak pasang tempohari.boleh tak email kat saya nama contractor,no tel dan harga utk pasang balcony railing tuh?tq

    p/s:maaf,soalan takde kena mengena ngn entry.:-)

  3. Anif® says:

    I think u sholud expand or upgrade your existing NAS 🙂

    • Imran says:

      huhu.. my NAS tu 2 bay je. Lagipun NAS utk backup file2 yg penting je sebab buat RAID 1. benda2 yg kurang penting cam movie yg di download tu simpan dlm harddisk cam biasa je

  4. normala says:

    wah…. berapa tera mre beli kali nie?… boleh isi rumah kalau beli bertera tera

  5. abubakar says:

    apa keyword untuk carian ini di lelong.com? thanks

  6. stevenys says:

    Hi just brough it

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