My Casa Idaman Renovation Project (CIRP)

My Casa Idaman Renovation Project

This entry will consolidate all the entries about my journey with renovating my new house. I hope you have fun reading it as much as I have fun writing it.

House renovation planning outing
Casa Idaman renovation planning
Casa Idaman interior design idea
Casa Idaman renovation costing
Kitchen renovation planning
Wiring plan
Casa Idaman is Unifi ready

Goods gathering
Buying down lights
KDK ceiling fans and more lights
ZENcelo Full-Flat Switch
Buying replacement tiles
Buying T5 fluorescent lamps
Letting go of KCC 856 paint
Buying KDK A11YS Baby Fan
Buying ICI Dulux paints

Phase 1
Renovation officially started
Plaster ceiling work started
Plaster ceiling work progress
Renovation project almost completed
Finding the direction of Kiblat
Final day of renovation work
Painting work
Painting work finished
Carpeting the study room
Covering balcony railings

Phase 2
TV Panel materials gathering
TV Panel
TV Panel, Take 2
Kitchen Cabinet (Coming soon)
Walk-in wardrobe (Coming soon)
Bathroom (Coming soon)