Leaves Melancholy

Below are the unplanned leaves (Emergency Leave and Sick Leave) that I took for the last month, until this week. Looks pretty bad huh. But trust me, all of those taken due to my health problem.

Anyway, as a matter of fact, I just got out from the meeting with my boss and my HR Manager scrutinizing me of such a bad pattern.

Well, I do understand their motive. Professionally thinking, this is the session where I can discuss things that bothering me at work, or my motivation at work has fallen, or I’m facing any health issue, etc, and find ways to solve that.

But, I’m also just another human being, that would feel discontented when people start to analyze and judging you.

And boy I keep thinking what is the thing that makes me deserve this kind of treatment after what I’ve done. I sacrifice not to take leave on the very perfect time for this during CNY (i.e take only 3 days leave, and you get leave 10 days in a row – plus Federal Teritory Day) since all of the programmers were on leave this time, and I want to be around to support any unforeseen things.

But hey, how I learn that people won’t even notice you when you are behaving good, but start to put a spotlight on you when you’ve done just a little mistake.

But don’t worry, my professional sense is stronger in this case.


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    hmm.. i feel sadness..as human. Sometimes, others forget to look beyond the surface, imran. Some company have bad reputation because of this. Be strong imran, its a lesson, when you become someone who have the power, you will look not only the surface.

  2. KNizam says:

    diaorang akan terasa kalau ada2 apa berlaku masa cny tuh kan. pastu ko jadi savior.

    biasalah tuh office culture.

  3. lucy says:

    Some people just like to bully other people.They dont care about you,so you shouldn’t either.If you wanna take leave,just take it.I’m having the same problem too…

  4. Sankai says:

    Make you wonder if they really care about you or just just of your work contributions.

    The corporate culture, is, “its business usual”. So if you portray a slight hint of unhappiness or declining performance, they’d pounce on you like a mad dog, especially if you are a great asset to them.

    So, my question is…. do they really care about you? or do they just care about your work….

    I believe you know the answer to this one.


  5. Masy says:

    nasib kita jadi kuli org huhuuh. sy dulu pon pernah gak kene gtu. pasrah jelah ~

    take care, im!~

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