Lunch at "empty" Sate King

I just came back from my lunch, and today I had mine at Sate King.

Meat in peanut sauce. That’s the tagline I always see whenever I had my meal there.

It’s kinda pity though, when just now, I saw two of their staffs, standing infront the outlet’s door, giving away free sate to other shoppers to try, hoping that they will like it and have a meal there.

But still, no one else has entered the outlet, and still, I was the only one there, eating my lunch there alone! And it’s lunch hour time, the time where people go and find something to eat. I just can’t imagine how many customers that they get at any other non-peak hour.

Sometimes, doing business really depends on luck. In my 4 years here in Mid Valley, I have seen so many shops being opened, and being closed, some of them survived very long and until now, and some of them only survived for several months. It’s kinda a sad setting to see Sate King will be facing the same fate as any other shops that can’t last long in the Mid Valley’s rather-expensive-rent shop lot.

But Sate King, don’t worry, as I am you savior, at least for today.

I do like eating at the place with less or no people. You got served quick, no long queue, no fighting for the place to seat and you will get the good service for them as they are trying to impress you and to make you to visit them the next time.

But business is business, full of oppurtunities, and yet, there are also risks that you have to take.


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  1. Malique says:

    Mmmm… apa kata suruh tauke kedai tu kasi murah sikit. hik hik hik.. or suruh dia promote satay from kajang ke. kawe raso org bandar ni kureng sikit makan sate kat kedai luxurios cam nih. Diorang suka makan kat kedai-kedai cam warung… itu pendapat kawe jer.

    e.. after u tried, camna rasa sate tu? Sama tak ngan warung-warung atau kedai tepi jalan tu… atau kat kedai nih lagi sedap?

  2. Imran says:

    tulah malique. rasanya org lagi prefer makan sate yg traditionally prepared (i.e bakar kat atas api). sate2 yg dia jual kat sini sumer sate goreng.

    anyway, lepas rasa tu, sate yg jual kat sini memang jauh rasa dia kalau compared ngan warung2 kat tepi jalan tu. rasa asli satu tu memang takde.

  3. Malique says:

    mmm tu la pasal tak laku…

  4. Fara says:

    tgh2 cari resipi sate, terjumpa lak blog ni. kebetulan, aku pun pernah makan kt sate king. masa aku pergi hanya ada satu keluarga 4 org dgn 2 org lain yg dtg mkn kt situ. masa tu tgh lunch hour.

    kuah sate- sedap
    harga- mahal sikit
    sate- besar drp yg biasa cuma kurang berperisa.

    aku tak pasti sate dia goreng ke kukus ke apa, tp rasa dia tak sedap berbanding sate warung/kedai biasa. sepatutnya sate king jual dan masak makanan ikut cara warung, baru org nak dtg. ni dahla mahal, kurang sedap lak tu.

  5. Anonymous says:

    emmm….actually aku tgh carik resipi sate tejumpa lak homepage nie…interesting gak….aku ada makan sekali satay yg sedap kat Uptown D’Kota, K.damansara bebaru nie…warung style but very tasty…memang rasa sangat marinate dia tuh….cubalah gi rasa…kalau tak silap lori n0 2 dari main entrance seb. kanan..

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