Maxis will ship free iPhone OS 3.0 installation CD

I just got the following SMS on my iPhone.

The text version of it.

The new iPhone OS3.0 software will be available on 18 June. As a valued Maxis iPhone customer, a complimentary installation CD will be sent to you for FREE. The updated software will enable your iPhone to MMS, copy and paste, perform call forwarding & voice recording and comes with Bahasa Malaysia capability. To find out more about the exciting new features, visit

I guess this will be a good news to those iPhone users that don’t have Internet connection to download this new software. Call forwarding eh. Will test that one out soon.


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  1. zaif says:

    yeah.. i've got a msg gak.. tapi bila maxis nak post cd software nih? tak sanggup nak tunggu lelama.. download jek la.. ahaks..

  2. Imran says:

    ahakz. tulah. bagi kita yg ada internet ni, memang akan download immediately.

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