New year holiday at Bukit Tinggi Resort – Day 1

After so many controversial incidents that leads this Jimmy Woo organized event nearly to cancellation – with the price per person not being right, with 4 of the Penang blogger friends didn’t want to come (but come at last minute), with another group is organizing a trip to Tanjung Malim, finally, our trip to Bukit Tingi Resort has come to reality. There are 21 of us in this trip.

Me and my usual group departed from Brisdale hotel, stopping at Bentong Toll to meet up another group, and finally stop at Genting Sempah R&R for final rendevous, before parting to Bukit Tinggi. Took this exit 805 from the highway.

After a 11.5km trip of climbing the hill, we here at last, at Bukit Tinggi Golf & Country Club for checking in.

Here’s the map of the whole resort

(picture placeholder, will upload map once scanned)

We will be staying at Meranti Park. Wow. The scenery here is marvelous, and I’m very tempted to do my usual panorama photos taking. Here’s the very first one, the panorama photo of Meranti Park, where will be staying for this 2 days 1 night trip.

Once we’ve settled down, it’s time to explore this place. Huh. There again a bit heated discussion about the tickets and how much we have to pay (aiyaa Mr. Organizer. Why so complex one your calculation). Anyhow, there’s no use to keep arguing. Just bought the ticket and go in.

Our first visit is to Colmar Tropicale. Just click the link to read more about this place. But this place is very beautiful. It’s like you are not at Malaysia.

As soon as you step in, you will be greated by this Le Chevalier castle look building, with beautiful fountain at the front.

Well, we are not there yet into Colmar Tropicale. You have to pass this massive and gorgeous bridge and enterence to get in.

Once in, oh, where am I now? France? No. You are inside Colmar Tropicale. Here’s my second panorama photo for today – the view inside Colmar Tropicale.

There’s a tower at the end of this place where you can go up, and do sightseeing. So, went up, and took my third panorama photo of the side view of Colmar Tropicale overlooking the mountains.

Why not take the forth panorama photo of the view of Colmar Tropicale from top. Immediately, you have a thinking of you are actually having a vacation at France.

Tired of those walking, it’s time to fill out my stomach. Was thinking of having the chicken at the shop nearby, but it’s packed with people and no free seats available. So decided to go to the bread shop nearby.

So here is my RM31 breads and drinks. Doh!!! It’s really expensive. The regret suddenly overwhelming me why I’m not having the chicken instead.

Thinking French all day, when it comes to eating, it has to be Malaysia thinking again. A treatment to “nasi ayam” at the food stall at staff quarters really satisfy my appetite after that. Hehehe. Guess Malay can’t go a day without eating rice.

Back to apartment, take a good shower, and then the monopoly session, and after that what else, sleep…..


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13 Responses

  1. mayameera says:

    meriahnya hidup Imran, selalu gi jenjalan….

    hmmmmm… bilalah saya berkesempatan sedemikian rupa…

  2. Imran says:

    hak hak mayameera. pegi ramai2. tu yg best tu. pastu bila pegi ramai2, jadik murahlah sket. satu apartment sumbat 10 org. sewa 2 untuk sumbat 21 org yg pegi sana. so kos tu bila dah dibahagikan between 21 people, murah jadiknya.

  3. Malique says:

    malique pernah ke tempat indah yang sejuk ini untuk honeymoon bersama bekas kekasih malique dulu… tapi semuanya tinggal kenangan yang manis seperti madu yang dihirup saban hari.

    Aduh sedihnya bila mengingati memori silam bersamanya.—->poyo jeh!

  4. Imran says:

    tulah malique. barang yg lama usah dikenang.

  5. Malique says:

    bila dikenang tu kekadang indah juga, tetapi kekadang kita jadi sakit hati…

    cakap pasal sakit hati, jangan lupa dengar lagu terbaru yg liriknya ditulis oleh saya… coming soon yea!

    u r good traveller, blog ni dah jadi macam blog pelancongan la pulak…
    Seronokkan, selalu jalan-jalan cari makan. Kalaulah kita ni ada duit banyak cam Mawi.. alangkah baguihnya.

  6. aries1981 says:’s nice if ms aries boleh cuti2 msia mcm awak! jealaous tau! hehehe btw, suka tengok all the pics. cantik..sejuk mata memandang tapi mana gamba orang2 yg pegi cuti2 tu?
    p/s: teringin gak nak tgk gamba org dibelakang camera yg canggih tu! ;p

  7. moon says:

    unbelievable la those photos..seriously, they’re nice. Nice and nice and cool and cool 🙂

  8. Imran says:

    ms aries. picture tu saya ambik pakai camera biasa je. tentang gambar org yg duk belakang camera tu, hehehe. takleh nak ambik. tak muat nak view dlm camera

    hi moon. thanks. those picture saya ambik pakai digital camera biasa je. lepas tu saya cantumkan pakai panostitcher software.

  9. aries1981 says:

    iye lar tu…sedangkan gunung everest pun muat dalam camera, ini kan pulak manusia biasa cam kita ni en imran oii…kalau bigfoot tu lain cite lar..hehehe

  10. fiebie says:

    fuhhh, no story of the flying chicken incident and the dot dot dot. hahahaha, lega.

    i am going to curik some picture for my blog ek

  11. Imran says:

    errr fibie.. incident flying chicken apa tu? cuba cerita sket.

  12. fiebie says:

    jimmy woo significant others’ chicken went flew up the sky because someone (which is me) pulled the table remember.



  13. Imran says:

    ahhh.. that rings a bell. hehehehe.. don’t worry. i’ll keep it secret. hehehehehe

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