New year holiday at Bukit Tinggi Resort – Day 2

Second day at Bukit Tinggi Resort. Everybody just wake up really late from all the staying up last night. 1pm, we outa here. Next destination is rabbit park.

Then Mr. Organizer is asking for a few more bucks from all of us. Man. I just don’t understand how you calculate. Just pay lor..

Anyway, just having maggie cup this morning for breakfast, I really hungry. Ahh nice. They sell “nasik lemak”. I know it won’t be cheap, but since it’s nasi lemak, it shouldn’t be that expensive. Got 2 nasi lemak and 2 canned drinks for me and my friend. Then suddenly, RM18 sir, said the cashier. What the…. How can 2 nasi lemak and 2 canned drinks cost that much. Then I looked at the price list

1 canned drink = RM6 x 2 = RM12
1 nasi lemak = RM 3 x 2 = RM6

Bloody expensive. Let’s go, see and play with some rabbits now to ease the bad feelings.

We are going to enter Colmar Tropicale back today to meet up some friends who inside already. Have a little dispute again of why we have to still pay for the tickets where yesterday, it is clearly stated that the RM8 tickets are valid for 1st and 2nd of January. I don’t know who holds that ticket.

Once inside, there a show is about to start by The Paradiz Dancers.

Lets stop for a while. Man. This kind of dance is not suitable for those with kids & grandma & grandpa of the kids. Those girls dancing in a very short and thin skirts/short revealing their butts and underwears, and also there’s also once performance that their acts is just like people having intercourse and with the girls just wearing red bra. But we managed to get a laugh that that seeing “pak haji” complete with kopiah sitting there looking at those sexy girls dancing with eyes wide opened. LOL.

Next, we off somewhere. Wait for the bus here when I took another panorama photo of the side view of Colmar Tropicale.

Next stop is Japanese Village.

I just don’t feel comfortable with the raining day. Furthermore, we have to climb to steep hill to do sighseeing. Ahhh. This is really a torture for people with big size body as me.

I’m at the top finally, and took this panorama photo. Luckily it stop raining for a while.

Man. It’s really tiring. Everybody just seem so tired already. Guess has to say farewell to this place. Back to Colmar Tropicale, and then back straight to KL. Stop at Genting Sempah R&R again for lunch and the usual “sentap menyentap” session (hehehehe). Then I’m back straight home, and some back straight to Penang.


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4 Responses

  1. Malique says:

    taman japanese dia tu betul-betul macam suasana jepun… siap kasi teh lagi masa sambut pengunjung.

    rasa nak pi sekali lagi rasanya.

  2. aries1981 says:

    hmm..seronok bace ur entry! ms aries x penah pegi sana lagi!(looking forward to)

    p/s:erk..lelaki pun ada gak session “sentap menyentap” ke? hahahaha

  3. moon says:

    Sungguh sengal tengok gambar orang main ngan rabbit nehh…eeii..korang tak geli ke?
    tapi bab nasi lemak tu memang betul punya sengal…hahaha..

  4. Imran says:

    malique: err ye ke. masa kawe pegi takdelah plak

    aries: hak hak..

    moon: geli lah gak. rabbit nih cam pengotor sket. peluk kucing lagi best

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