Synovate CATI Training

It’s been a while since I last writing a blog entry under Work category. And it also been a while since I last join any regional training as trainee. Well, there one happening this week.

This training/workshop gathers around about 28 people from 11 Synovate offices, and Malaysia office is the host of this, and this is held at The Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley.

As one of my friend pointed out at my Facebook, one the best thing about training is free food. We have 2 tea breaks, and buffet lunch at Wild Rice Restaurant.

No photos from inside the restaurant as I’m indulging myself with the free flow of drinks and foods, and also networking with the colleagues from other countries which all this while, I just seeing their names in the email only.

But having to pay for the expensive trainer from IBM SPSS, there’s a very high expectation that the organizer of this training has put to all the attendees. We are expected to become the expert users of the product in this region, which my role all this while is already covering most of the countries in APAC that are slowly moving away from legacy system to this new system.

Wish me luck of enduring these 4 days. Even though I just need to sit there for the whole day, it’s not an easy job of understanding and absorbing the topic, and thinking how best to apply this for the countries that I’m supporting.


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  1. marts says:

    Tak suka training, cepat mengantuk bila seharian duduk dengar org bercakap. Selalu bila ada training bawak plain paper sebab tangan akan mula melukis macam-macam. Ha ha ha….

    BTW, baru2 ni nampak vacancy kat Synnovate MV. He he he…

  2. zaffVader says:

    4hari training ke? huhu best mkn free je la ๐Ÿ˜›

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