Aquarium plants trimming

It’s almost been 4 weeks already since I last finished setting up my mini planted aquarium. When you are seeing it everyday, there are much changes that you can see, as if there is no change at all. But after putting the photo from the very first time and the current photo side to side, then I realized there are quite substantial changes that happened.

4 weeks ago

CO2 fertilization and good light do make the plants in my aquarium grows rapidly. There is not much open space left for the fishes to swim and roam freely. I think it’s time to trim those plants.

I don’t consider I’m doing aquascaping here. Aquascaping is art, and Imran + Art = Disaster. I just simply get a pair scissor, and cut those long stem.

After cutting here and there, this is the final look of my mini planted aquarium now.

Aaahhhh.. More open space now for my fishes to swim around and chasing each other (especially my Zebra Danio).

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12 Responses

  1. mArts says:

    he he he dah jadi and tumbuh elok your aquarium ye. Nampak sgt dapat CO2 and light yg cukup dari tuan dia. Aku punya terpaksa remove certain plants recently, it seems the Mollies mcm herbivor.Suka mkn tumbuhan.

    Imre,ada sket typo.It’s Zebra Danio.He he he bkn Danoi.Tertukar i ngan o.

  2. Imran says:

    hehehe. tnx mart. ada typo sket.. aku dah fix dah.

    2nd aquarium ko dah siap ke? nanti postlah gambar kat blog ko

  3. demononion says:

    how long did your fermentation CO2 last before you needed a refill?

  4. Imran says:

    demononion. i’ve been using for 3 weeks already. it’s still producing co2, but at slower rate already. i think it is just almost the time before it stops, and needs refill

  5. Planted Cardinals says:

    Hi Imran, are you still on planted aquarium? I am on it too. What's the latest on your side? Do you have any photos of it to share?

  6. Imran says:

    Hi there Planted Cardinals. I gave up this hobby temporily. I no longer have that aquarium, well, I have the aquarium but no longer have water, plants and fishes in side 😀

  7. Planted Cardinals says:

    Hi Imran, why did you stopped? What went wrong? I thought you had some great time with it and i personally think that this is one great hobby! ….and i have reasons to believe that you done a superb job in it. What a waste! Anyway, do you have intentions to start again? I really hope you would. The reason is so that I could have something in which we could blah!…blah!….blah! with on planted aquarium or hopefully you have something to share or discuss with. I really interested in your planted aquarium project. Don’t worry……..I DO NOT HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL TO YOU OR I WANT YOU TO BUY SOMETHING FROM ME! Just pure planted aquarium hobby. I hope to hear the good news from you soon……take care. Keep in touch….

  8. Imran says:

    Hi there Planted Cardinals. Thanks for stopping by here again 😉 Anyway, I just stop that hobby for a while only. Will surely start all over again once I moved to my new house (expected to finish October 2010). I still have my unused canister filter, 1 big bag of ADA Soil (I hope it has no expiry date) and 2/3 full CO2 tank. What I need next is nice big aquarium with sturdy stand 😉

  9. Kitson says:

    Where do you get your supplies of plants? Looks very interesting, I like your tank setup.

    • Imran says:

      Hi Kitson.
      I usually get supplies for my aquarium at Aqua East. They are specialized in salt water and planted aquarium. They have a branch in The Pet Safari Ikano Power Center and Pet Shop in Mid Valley Megamall

  10. jeff says:

    so sekarang you masih ada planted aquarium

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