Planted aquarium pilot try (phase 2)


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  1. demononion says:

    so you decided to use the fermentation type for CO2 eh? Anyway, let see how you do it with fermentation type CO2, and its effects to tank pH. how do you reload the CO2 fermentation tank after one month?

  2. Imran says:

    did a PH test.. the water is quite acidic at the moment (PH 5). hope once i introduce the CO2, PH will be up to around the neutral line. won’t be introducing co2 yet until my tank is 1 week old.

    anyway, to reload the co2, i just need to buy another set of ingredient (priced RM18.50) that contains basic reagen, activator and stabilizer. only one set is given inside the box. they are powder type. perhaps i can do DIY co2 as well using sugar and yeast. i might try that.

  3. demononion says:

    if i’m not mistaken, if you put in more CO2, the water will become more acidic, that’s why you need to control the CO2 bubble flow into the aquarium.Another reason could be that the wood itself is leaching tannin into the water, thus increasing acidity. If you would like to experiment, try putting neon tetras, as they are very sensitive to water conditions.Silap sket je, mampoi. I tried with my acidic tank, they lived (although one died).

  4. Imran says:

    aiseh. ya… my mistake.. co2 lower the pH. i tested again. pH is 6.5 now. really low yesterday maybe due to the nitrification process just started. yeah. the wood might releasing tannin too. but i bought the treated one already. hope not much tannin leached. i guess with planted aquarium, the type of fish to keep is rather limited huh. but not planning to put much though. going to get otto and yamato next week, or once algae starts to bloom in my tank.

  5. YC Khor says:

    Hi Imbran,
    I ran into your blog while searching for articles on planted tank. I am newbie and bought some aquatic plants and ADA powersoil, etc. yesterday to work on my 4’x1.5′ aquarium. I need a favour from you with regards to the planting of aquatic plant. You see, I bought those aquatic plants from local aquarium shop and they usually put few plants together and wrapped with some cotton/fibre and a metal piece that acts as a sinker. When deploying those plants into the tank, should we remove these materials? or just ‘cucuk’ only? Thanks for your advice.

    my email:
    MSN: yongchen_khor
    skype: yongchen_khor

    • Since no one replied… As far as i know you need to remove the cotton/fiber and metal ring. You don’t need all those because you will plant it permanently in your substrate where the roots will grow into and spread out.

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